Client Area

Sustainable Sourcing

UCP actively participates in helping cocoa farmers through its various certifications in sustainable sourcing of social and environmental responsibility, such as Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. These are so far the best tools that UCP has to promote and convey its conviction to contribute to sustainable cocoa farming and to build a sustainable supply chain.

Additionally, UCP travels and encourages its clients to escort them on direct periodical visits to cocoa farmers, to make sure that the premiums paid, under the aforementioned frameworks, are making a difference and serving the farmers to see a future in growing cocoa. UCP has acquired a conscience that it is vital to its business to ensure this takes place. The reason is very simple: no cocoa beans, no cocoa products, no chocolate! At the same time this enables UCP to play its part in tackling poverty and preserving good environmental practices.

UCP also wholeheartedly supports international trading houses as well-qualified suppliers of cocoas where they have a local presence and proprietary sustainable initiatives.